APRIL 21, 22 & 23, 2017
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

2017 Exhibitor List

Exhibitor Name Product/Service URL Booth #
A Clear Sphere Orgone energy tools, neutralization and sun rings  www.aclearsphere.ca  803
Academy of Wellness Natural Pain Management & BIO MAT Demonstration. Speaker Dr. George Grant, Ph.D., The Caring Dr,; Nutrition/Biofeedback/Pain & Stress, We Care, Serve & Educate; We Do NOT Medicate, Operate nor Irradiate.  www.academyofwellness.com, www.your101ways.com   806
Acropolis Organics Extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olives & dressings. Speaker Panagiotis Tsiriotakis   www.acropolisorganics.com  624
Acusoul Tounge & pulse diagnosis, acupuncture  www.acusoul.com  332
Advanced Wellness Studies Books & literature, natural hygiene & related Items  www.advancedwellnessstudies.com  1007
Akita Natural Skin Care Products Canada 100% Natural Rose Water & Rose Oil, 100% Natural skin care products  www.akitacanada.ca  530
Alicja Centre of Well Being Dowsing tools, vibrational jewellery, pyramids, feng shui remedies, geopathic stress & EMF relief products.  www.intuitivedowsing.com  801
All Naturals Cosmetics Natural shea butter products  www.allnaturalscosmetics.ca  126
Alligga Alligga flaxseed cooking oil, Flaxseed products.  www.alligga.com  702
Ambersoul Shungite, silver, sacred geometry pendants, Sculls, Merkabah, Pyramid, Quartz  www.shungitecanada.com  812
American Bio Dental Alternative dental and medical info  www.americanbiodental.com  631
Andre DeCairos Thai Massage, Swedish massage and essential oil products    632
Arbor Organic Skincare USDA certified organic skincare products that are formulated with superfood. Cleansers, eye creams, moisturizers and lip balms  www.iamarbor.com  815
Aronia Berry Aronia (Chokeberry) Juice   www.aroniaberry.org  1019
Art of Bim Karma Diagnosis, Stress/ Anxiety /Sleep Evaluation and Guidance. Speaker Erik Valdman  www.karmasecrets.com  106
Atlas Academy Apricot kernels - raw & dry apricot kernel oil, sour cherry juice, summer orthopedic shoes, forever living products: argi+, artic C Omega 3, cardio health honey, clean 9, F.I.T., forever lean, vitolize man's, vitolize women's, forever living probioti  www.waytohealth.ca  725
Aura Photos by First Star Advanced kirlian aura and chakra photos. All photos include a free detailed and personalized analysis report.  www.aura-photos.com  900
Avazera Organic Superfoods, loose leaf teas, natural gemstone jewelry  www.avazera.com  115
Balck Magic Alchemy Chaga root beer elixir 16oz & 8oz bottles  www.blackmagicalchemy.com  121
Bamboo for Life Bamboo Pillows & Sheets  www.bambooforlife.org  108
barkTHINS barkTHINS products  www.barkthins.com  816/818
Baru Baron Baru seeds and powder  www.barubaron.ca  214
Beautycounter Beauty Counter has deceloped a chic and affordable line of skincare & cosmetics products. Absoutely dedicated to safety, performance and consumer empowerment.  www.beautycounter.com/en-ca/marigoldkingrey  333
Bee's Universe Honey, bee pollen, propolis tincture, fresh frozen royal jelly, beeswax candles, skin cream made with bees products.  www.beesuniverse.com  1025
BIE Health and Wellness Bio-Energetics Intolerance Elimination (BIE)  www.biehealthandwellness.com  326
Bioyouthology Time block, ameflore, baby's best  www.bioyouthology.com  813
BlueOcean NutraSciences Omega-3 supplements  www.blueoceannutra.ca  216
Body Food Dental One drop dental; a 100% natural dental serum that reduces dental disease, fights bad breath. Made with organic oils  www.bodyfooddental.com  533
Camael Hug Natural & cruelty-free wellness garments made from camel hair  www.camelhug.com  102
Canadian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine Education. Acupuncture Education  www.cctcm.ca  531
Canadian Organic Growers Information on organics  www.cogtoronto.org  1009
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Holistic Nutrition School, programs, books & Flyers.  www.csnn.ca  619
Canadian Transplant Society We will be registering people to be organ donors and raising awareness  www.cantransplant.ca 
Centurian Systems - Elec Western Medical Devices Pulsating magnetic field therapy and laser therapy  www.centurionsystems.com  426
ChocoSol Traders & Chocolatiers ChocoSol's artisanal chocolate is made using organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao sourced directly from Indigenous communities in Southern Mexico.  www.chocosoltraders.com  C4
Clean Sip The world's smallest, portable, reuseable water filter in a STRAW!  www.cleansip.com  626
Clear life Water Lypo-spheric Vitamin C, Glutathione, and R-Alpha lipoic  www.livclear.ca  807
Curastream Health Services Digital therapy, health injury prevention, exercise therapy  www.curastream.com  432
Dimpflmeier Bakery Carbsmart bread, Organic line of rye breads  www.dimpflmeierbakery.com  721
Doc of Detox Water units, cleansing tea, atomic mineral spray. Speaker Darrell Wolfe  www.docofdetox.com  424
Dr. Dana Colson Wellness-based dentistry, crystal healing bed.  www.allsmiles.ca  403/405
Dr. Magda Havas Information on Electromagnetic frequencies  www.magdahavas.com  503
Dyanna Dreams 100% Natural bamboo, eucalyptus, cotton bedding and natural products  www.dyannadreams.com  134
Echo h2 Water Echo hydrogen enriched water. Speaker Paul Barattiero  www.synergyscience.com  425
Ecoideas Organic health food, raw food, dietary supplements, purest enviro-friendly cleaning products  Ecoideas  212
Effect:Hope Leprosy Mission Canada Charity Information - brochures, etc..  www.effecthope.org  1003
Ela N Ela 100% organic cotton & bamboo clothing, ethically manufactured.  www.elanela.com  1027/1029
Element Earth Semi preciouis stone jewelry, reiki healing objects, chakra jewelry, organic clothing  www.facebook.com/elementearth92.5  128
Energy Worlds Books & Cd's, Energy Worlds Practitioners program and individual consultations.  www.energyworlds.com  107
Epoch Times, Falun Gong Demonstration of Falun Gong exercises  www.theepochtimes.com  136
Epoch Times, Shen Yun   www.theepochtimes.com, www.shenyun.com/toronto  828
Epsomgel Solutions Canada Herbal and mineral topical skin solutions   www.epsomgel.ca  604
Eradicator EMF Protection Products & Service. Geopathic Stress solutions, ELFR Eliminators, Lotus Shields, Hair Analysis, free testing  www.gseradicator.com  732/734
Excelife Electric massage products, the kneading full body massager, head massager, eye massager, healing stones, latex pillow massager, lamps  www.excelife.ca  330
Express Heat Therapy Instant Heating Pads  www.expressheattherapy.com  808
Fennel Organic Eatery Vegan foods: hot dishes, salads, & snacks  www.fenneleatery.com  C6
FIGU- Landesgruppe Canada Books & booklets on topics including physical well-being, meditation, the might of thought, spiritual topics, environmental issues, UFO's etc...  www.ca.figu.org  1001
Fine Therapy Pro electric mini massager with massage slippers. IQ Massager brand.  www.iqmassager.com  627
Fit Chicks Fitness   www.fitchicks.ca  814
FMs Aromatherapy Aromatherapy oils, products for skin, hair, wellness, chakra healing anointments, crystals, wands, books, posters & CD's  www.aromatantra.com  427
Forever Green/ FGX press Ketopia, powerstrips, solarstrips, beautystrips, pure, pulse 8, frequensea  www.livepainfreeplus.fgxpress.com  630
Fork and Compass Nutrition Iridology, Holistic Nutrition, Bio-energetic Intolerance Elimination  www.forkandcompassnutrition.com  827
Friendly Crystals Healing crystals, gemstone tumble & chips, natural mineral specimens, gemstone jewellery, sterling silver jewellery & accessories  www.friendlycrystals.com  1017
Friends of Dirty Electricity & EMF Conquerors Community awareness of dangers of dirty electricity & EMF  www.stayonthetruth.com  1007
Giddy Yoyo Raw dark organic chocolate bars, dried fruit, chocolate covered dried fruit, superfood powders and edible body care.  www.giddyyoyo.com  613/615
Govinda's (ISKCON) Cooked vegan meals. Books based on ancient philosophy Bhagavad Gita, Japa beads, Japa bags, incense, neck beads etc.  www.govindas.ca  320
GPS Hollywood Eye Magic, hair straighteners    133
Grail Books Books  www.grail-message.ca  804
Hawaiian Moon Organic Aloe Cream  www.aloecream.biz  430
Health Harmonies Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy & Ion cyclotron resonance  www.healthharmonies.com  503
Healthy Planet Bio-Core Foods, Flora, Genuine Health, Green Press, Greens Your Colour, Lorna Vanderhaeghe products, Natural health & beauty products, NOW, North American Herbs and spice  www.healthyplanetcanada.com  203-408
Hearty Catering Organic local cuisine & snacks with an emphasis on vegan, gluten-free offerings  www.heartycatering.com  C5
Henna Designs & Tattoos Intricate henna designs and tattoos    1005
Herbalveda Himalayan Garlic, Essential Oils, Ayurvedic scents, Skin Care and Hair care products  www.himalayangarlic.com  526
HighChi Energy Jewelry Jewelry that is energized to protect and uplift the wearer  www.highchi.com  729
Holistic Directory Publication. Offering energy healing session  www.holisticdirectory.ca  102
Hot Mamas Foods No salt hot sauses, rubs, seasonings, low sodium no added sugar BBQ sauces, pepper jellies  www.hotmamas.ca  1023
ibody Academy online home exercise program platform & continuing education certificate courses  www.ibodyacademy.com  532
Inner J Healthy and delicious protein snack with 100% natural and raw ingredients  www.inner-j.com  625
Institute for Hormonal Health MonaLisa Touch (Co2 laser therapy for urogenital health), Isagenix supplement products  www.hormonalhealth.ca  730
Institute of Holistic Nutrition IHN offers full & part-time programs in applied holistic nutrition; live blood cell analysis.  www.instituteofholisticnutrition.com  603
Institute of Natural Health Technologies BIE Licensing and training program  www.bieclinics.com  227
International BioCare Hospital & Medical Centre Hospital specializing in Cancer treatment and other degenerative diseases.  www.biocarehospital.com  502
Investors Group Financial Services Financial planning services  www.investorsgroup.com  826
IQ Power Ion Power braclet magnetic jewellry and magic massage  www.ionpowerbraclet.com  820
Isola Jewellery Raise your frequency with healing jewellery, for body mind and soul. Handmade with semiprecious stones and crystals and based on the Fibonacci Sequence  www.iloveisola.com  132
Kids Right to Know - Rachel Parent Information on Genetically Modified Organism (GMO's)  www.kidsrighttoknow.com  524
Lavida Health Tinctures, skin care and natural products  www.lavidahealth.ca  435
Life Energy Systems LifeLite Full Spectrum daylight LED Lighting products  www.lifelite.ca  525
LifeFORCE Pet Health Natural pet products  www.lifeforcepet.com  116
LifeGive Canada Books, Supplements, packaged foods. Lifegive supplements, lakanto sweetner. Packaged superfood cluster's, sugarfree bagels  www.healthenut.ca  715
Lighten Up!, In Light Wellness Systems Assist your body to heal using light therapy.  www.ilwsystems.com  112
Litios Light Crystals Litios light crystals  www.litios.ca  124
Lorissa's Kitchen Lorissa's Kitchen premium meat snacks (4 flavours)  www.lorissaskitchen.com  213/215
Luxe Activewear Lorna Jane Activewear from Australia. Unique active apparel for all kinds of activities including: yoga, running, gym, walking, dancing, crossfit and much more!  www.luxeactivewear.ca  800/701
Magnetico Sleep Pads Demo Magnetico Sleep pad & other body performance products. Speaker Dr. Dean Bonlie  www.magneticosleep.com  105
Markus Rothkranz & Cara Brotman Motivational speaker and health expert.  www.markusrothkranz.com  507/509
Master Sha Tao Healing Centre Inspiration. Empowerment. Health. Happiness. Discover the power of Divine light and Tao Calligraphy light blessings. Soul readings and messages. Calligraphies. Special offers.  www.drsha.com/toronto  231/233
Matcha Ninja Toronto based, 100% raw and organic matcha tea  www.matchaninja.com  719
Max International Cellgevity, Max one, Max GXL, Max N Fuze, Max ATP, Meta Switch and visible Solutions  www.max.com/592927  602
Michael Dalton's School of Bio-Energy Healing Bio-Energy Healing  www.daltonsbio.com  431
Microcell Sciences Live blood microscopy and non-invasive unrine analysis tests for heavy metals, free radicals, adrenals, pH  www.microcellsciences.com  803
Miessence - Healthy Ways Organics Certified organic superfoods, deep greens alkalizing, inliven probiotics, berry radical antioxidants, raw complete protein powder, FAST weightloss  www.healthywaysorganics.com  824
Mineral Medix Zeolite- line of food supplements based on natural mineral - Zeolite (NPN products), Zeopad- water sorbent purifer  www.mineral-medix.com  112
Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice, truage max, rapid fuel patented protein, truage conquer/suger stop/ free scanning using the truage scanner exclusive to Morinda that tells your internal age  www.morinda.com/78874  904
Nalural Calm Canada - Top Nutritionals Natural Calm ionic magnesium citrate powder and transdermal liquids, moringa oleifera raw leaf powder, capsules and seed oil  www.naturalcalm.ca  607/609
Natural Choice Hidow massage devices  www.needarelief.com  113
Nature's Source Nature's Source products  www.natures-source.com  712/714
New Millennium Living Free health testing using QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis). Speaker Brian Gangel  www.bgangel.com  232
NewsTalk 1010 Live Broadcast on Saturday Morning  www.newstalk1010.com  904
NuPasta Low calorie, gluton free and high fibre pasta  www.nupasta.com  718
Nutritional Therapy Association Holistic services  www.nutritionaltherapy.com  127
Nuvocare Health Science Anti-aging, weight loss sleep, daily essentials  www.nuvocare.com  1015
NuYu Vitality Med Spa & Laser Weight loss - Ideal protein, sculpture, fat reduction, skin tightening  www.nuyuvitality.com  634
Oil Blends Premium quality natural & organic oils, butters and soaps for hair, scalp and skin, speciality oils for skin disorders, shea butter  www.oilblendsproducts.com  635
Ontario BodyTalk Association The BodyTalk booth will feature BodyTalk sessions by certified BodyTalk Practitioners, and free energy medicine techniques for addressing physical, mental or emotional balance. The BodyTalk system seeks to address the "whole person".   www.ontariobodytalkassoc.com  708
Open Sky Café Spiritual readings and healing touch  www.openskyglobal.com  104
Organic Traditions Organic Foods, gluten free, nuts and seeds, herbal teas, natural hair colours  www.yourorganicsources.com  219/221
Osumex Natural Alternatives Fermented food, Krill oil, 5-mushroom blend, GMC2 Glucosamine, flax hulls, heavy metal detox, tests for heavy metals, free radicals, pH, adrenals, calcium, non-treated water  www.osumex.com  805
Peachtree Health Foods Kangen water Machine (water ionizer)  www.peachtreehealthfoods.com  633
Polaraid Health Polaraid disc  www.polaraidhealth.com  724
Portobello Burger Vegetarian Food: Portobello mushroom burgers, collerd green wraps, kale salad, quinoa salad, bean burger & raw pies  www.theportobelloburger.com  C7
Prana Organic, Gluten Free, vegan snacks, chia, nuts, dried fruit and super foods.  www.pranana.com  508
Profi Pro Profi Pro protein booster (original), Profi Pro Chocolate  www.profiprohealth.com  717
Pruvit Keto//os - Therapeutic ketone supplement, Keto kreme- ketones for coffee  www.lindaseiler.pruvitnow.com  506
Pure Feast Organic & natural superfoods, proteins and beverages  www.purefeast.com  235
Pure-Le Natural Pure-Le organic prebotic + probiotic, Pure-Le organic vitamin D, Pure-Le natural chlorophyll, oregano, fiberrific and active B12. Speaker Joel Thuna  www.purelenatural.com  312
Quantumwave Scalarwave Laser, Lotus Laser, QiFi  www.unwindingwithlasers.com  224
Rallis Whole Foods Raw organic ice-pressed olive oil, Bath & body products made with raw icepressed olive oil.  www.rallisoliveoil.com  121
Raw Vitality Kale chips, raw macaroons, goji stix, ParmaVeg brownies, raw crackers, Flax crisps.  www.raw-vitality.com  720
Recover You at Jaconello Health Services Wellness centre for integrative and anti-aging medicine Ozone Sauna and oxidative therapies  www.jaconello.com  505
Redstone Media Group / Life Force Magazines, Natural pet products  www.redstonemediagroup.com  116/118
Rexall Onewalk to Conquer Cancer Registering to walk for Cancer in 2017   www.to17.onewalk.ca  206
Rhino Systems / Navage Navage Nasal irrigation system and salt pods  www.navage.ca  626
Rhoziva - Nanton Nutraceuticals Rhoziva MHS, Speaker Dr. Elie Klein  www.rhoziva.com  208
Rich Foods Company Vegan, gluten free lentils based products  www.richfoodscompany.com  725
Rosedale Wellness Centre Free posture & wellness assessments, thermal scanning.  www.rosedalewellness.com  527
Sade Baron Hademade soaps, Vegan 100% natural body lotion, body mist, hand lotion and lip balms  www.sadebaron.com  1015
Sagee Canada Sagee brand supplements for brain health  www.sagee.ca  704
SaunaRay Infrared saunas  www.saunaray.com  407/409
Select Marketing Canada Thentix, "A touch of honey" natural skin care, pain formula & hair care. Urad leather care, natural lanolin & carnuba wax.  www.selectmarketinginc.com  434
Serenity 2000 - It's Magnetic Magnetic Products for Health  www.serenity2000.com  226
ShaSha Bread Co. Snap cookies, gluten free snacks, bread, bread crumbs, lavash, sprouted grains  www.shashabread.com  615
Shiatsu by Sher Spiritual Centre Hot Stone Shiatsu, reflexology, Shamanic items.  www.shiatsubysher.com  621
Sina Aromatherapeutics Ready-to-use custom blended, Health Canada licensed essential oils for everyday ailments, plus a line of blends for women, along with a spa line  www.sinaaromatherapeutics.com  504
Snap 'n Heat Medical recovery pouch and therapy products    235
Sprout Growers Dome sprouter alone, 35 minute Consultation with dome sprouter kit, Brain Gym activity cards, transcutaneous acupuncture essential oils, monographs on advanced service: health care education  www.sproutgrowers.com  125
Sterling Stones Healing gemstone jewellery designed and hardset in Nickel Free Sterling Sliver. Pure alchemical fragrance oils.    809
Strongwell Health testing    433
Styrian Gold Pumpkinseed oil and products from Styria, Austria.  www.styriangold.ca  825
Sun Life Goji Dried goji berry products  www.sunlifegoji.com  1021
Sunlife Financial Insurance & investments  www.sunlife.ca  808
Suro Suro is a Canadian company and is proud to be the only elderberry producer and processor of natural health products using their own elderberries. Suro products are certified organic and formulated by a physician.  www.suro.ca  314
Team Theraputix Rehabilitation programs for neurological conditions. Nutritional Supplements.  www.teamtheraputix.ca  706
Tetley Ayurvedic Balance Tea 3 Flavours, Hot tea samples  www.tetley.ca  120
The Edge - Live Well Organic blue-green algae supplement for people & pets  www.TheEdgeUp.ca  625
The F.I.X. Code The F.I.X. Code Technique is a new healing Modality that helps people with the horrible feelings that cause Anxiety and depression.  www.thefixcode.com  829
The Game Changer Brain optimization neuroplasticity treatments: QEEG brain mapping, neurofield, neurofeedback, NLP, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy  www.gamechangerexpert.com  831
The Knowledge Book A book about the evolution of human consciousness and our place in the cosmos  www.knowledgebook.org  117
The Robert Scott Bell Show Book: "Unlock th Power to Heal", Sovereign Silver, Echo H2 Water.  www.robertscottbell.com  425
Titanium Exclusive Cookware Titanium exclusive non-stick cookware, silicone utensils, anti-tarnish cleaner & accessories.  www.titaniumexclusive.com  225/324
Toronto Dowsers Dowsing tools, books, charts, energy medicine, chromotherapy.  www.torontodowsers.com  802
Toronto Vegetarian Association Recipe booklets, cookbooks for sale, Nutrition fact sheets  www.veg.ca  119
Tradition Miso   www.traditionmiso.com  1013
Transform Chiropractic Computerized spinal & postural assessments  www.transformchiropractic.com  109
Transformational Arts College Professional training programs: holistic health, spiritual psychotherapy, coaching.  www.transformationalarts.com  327
truLOCAL truLOCAL is introducing simple monthly meat plans that deliver high-end locally sourced meat products right to your door. Our convenient monthly deliveries help save time and are customizable to fit any lifestyle. Your body is amazing, which is why w  www.trulocal.ca  220
TruMedic TruMedic Massage devices  www.trumedic.com  606
Ty Bollinger   www.thetruthaboutcancer.com  325
Universal Stone All natural cleaning product from Germany: non-toxic. World's best pot scrubbers. Antibacterial natural E-cloths.  www.universalstone.ca  234
Vaccine Choice Canada Information on vaccines. Speaker: Heather Fraser  www.vaccinechoicecanada.com  334
Valentus 100% Natural core nutritiional beverages. Weight loss coffee, immune boost, energy trim  www.thinnerliving.ca  811
Van Dyk's Health Juice Products Van Dyk's by Nature 100% pure wild blueberry juice  www.vandykblueberries.ca  218
Victorian Essence "tea for you & me" Our blend of herbal & loose leaf teas and related products. Our Herbal/Lavender Eye & Neck pillows/wraps.  www.victorianessence.ca  1011
Vitality Assurance Vacations Mini vacations to our resort  www.cranberryvillage.com  120
Vitality Magazine Giving away free copies of current and back issues of Vitality Magazine  www.vitalitymagazine.com  335
VoxxLife Socks and insoles  www.voxxlife.com/CathyGage  230
Whispering Song School of Energy Medicine Alchemical Meditation CD's, tribal devotional song CD's, workshops and accredited programs and cirriculum. Speaker Gaisheda Kheawok  www.whisperingsong.ca  726
YoFiit Protein Powders, Nutritional bars, milk alternatives  www.yofiit.com  713
You In Focus Organic & Gluten Free teas and supplements. Brushes & bath salts. Speaker Stephan Wilmes  www.youinfocusproducts.com  608
Young Living Essential Oils Young Living essential oils, Dr. Devita books, information on DeVita Wellness Energy & Day Spa. Speaker Gary Young  www.youngliving.com/drsdevita  703-709
Youngevity Youngevity nutritional supplements: vitamins & minerals, Books, CD's, DVD's. Speakers Pharm. Ben Fuchs & Dr. Joel Wallach  www.plantmins.com  817-821
Your Organic Sources - Advantage Health Matters Organic Traditions Superfoods, Pukka Teas, Uhtco, Regulat, hair colours.  www.yourorganicsources.com, www.advantagehealthmatters.com  219/221
Zepter International Medical healing devices. Speaker Szilvia Passfield  www.zepterinternational.ca  902
Zevia Zevia zero calorie beverages  www.zevia.com  C8