Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Modified: A Food Lover’s Journey into GMOs

This event will be hosted by Rachel Parent, youth activist, food environment speaker, and the founder of Kids Right to Know

Sunday, April 14th, 2019, 4:00PM - 6:00PM
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Room 205

About the Film:

Shot over a span of ten years, the film explores the impacts of genetically engineering our food,exposing the cozy relationship between the agribusiness industry and our governments. The filmis anchored in the intimate story of the filmmaker’s relationship to her mom, an organic gardener, seed saver, and food activist who battled cancer while the film’s production was underway.

Interweaving the personal and the political, the film uses family video archives, animations, andmouth-watering vignettes from the filmmakers award-winning PBS cooking show to create avisual celebration of homegrown food and family legacy. The film debunks the myth that GMOsare needed to feed the world and makes a compelling plea for a more sustainable and transparentfood system.

Want a sneak peak? Watch the the Modified Trailer now!