Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Special Workshops

Friday April 12, 2019
7pm-9pm, Room 205

Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™
via the Wisdom of Sacred Sound

Speaker: Gaisheda Kheawok 
Workshop: $20

In the ancient tribal wisdom traditions, Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ (ASEM™) and Sacred Sound are the foundation and gateway to alchemically transforming and evolving frequencies to their state of ultimate balance. Explore the wisdom and power of ASEM™/Sacred Sound and rejuvenate your journey via a transformative Alchemical Sacred Sound Circle, supporting our return to embodied wellness and engaging dimensions of healing beyond cognitive limitations.


Saturday April 13, 2019
6pm-9pm, Room 206

Tesla’s Medicine: Healing Fields Interactive Multimedia Workshop

Presented by Robert W. Connolly, Producer/Director, Tesla's Medicine: Healing Fields
Featuring talks with:
Dr. Magda Havas, PhD, August Worley and Anadi Martel
Workshop: $20

While most people associate the name of Tesla to the electric car, few people realize that in Tesla gave birth to a world where electrical energy was used as medicine. This energy consisting of sound, light and electromagnetic fields was extremely popular and eventually suppressed in favor of pharmaceuticals. In this interactive workshop you will learn how Tesla utilized electric energy to treat himself and then patented the technology that is now just being accepted into our Canadian healthcare system.  Products will be on display for live demonstrations and then profiled using interactive video clips from Robert Connolly’s feature documentary film - Tesla’s Medicine: Healing Fields

This evenings show is hosted by Robert (Bob) Connolly, an investigative digital journalist and documentary film producer specializing in past, present and future healthcare technologies. For more additional show information visit  or to learn more about his upcoming documentary film on Tesla visit

Saturday April 13, 2019
6pm-9pm, Room 205

The 5 Pillars of Healing Disease for Dogs and Cats

Presented by Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM
3-Hour Workshop: $30

Pet parents will experience multiple therapies (on them) that we perform on pets, including Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy, Theragem (light and gem stone frequency), Lasers and a host of DIY tips and tricks. 

Don’t miss this fun and interactive learning experience! 

  • In depth discussion on digestion, gut health and the micro biome
  • Species appropriate diet and how to feed.  discuss pet fuel
  • How to ensure all the essential nutrients are in the diet
  • How to heal the gut.  Discussion includes how to make bone broth, kefir and fermented vegetables, luma
  • Detoxification of all the organs of elimination
  • Methods for repairing and restoring mitochondria 
  • How to do applied kinesiology 
  • Recipes for essential oils
  • Coffee enemas for pets
  • Discussion on ozone, a home therapy
  • Discussion on pulsed electromagnetic therapy, a home therapy


Saturday April 13, 2019
6pm-9pm, Room 203

Surgery is Not the Only Option
3-Hour Advanced Training

Presented by Dr. Darrell Wolfe, AcPhD, DNM
3-Hour Workshop: $30

The majority of human beings have become a piggy bank when it comes to surgery, big pharma and the implant industry. The domino effect of  this belief system has created a tsunami of inflammation, crystallization, calcification and internal scar tissue formation within the muscles, tendons ligaments and organs in most people today.  This beef jerky like tissue that becomes the norm will eventually act like two pieces of sand paper rubbing up against each other. When you can no longer stand the pain, surgery or joint replacement with a foreign object is their only option. There is another option; don’t miss this life changing three-hour advanced training in Wolfe Non-Surgical and The Perfect Day nutritional detox plan.


Sunday April 14, 2019
6pm-9pm, Room 206

12 Steps to Emotional Healing

Presented by Dr. Darrell Wolfe, AcPhD, DNM
3-Hour Workshop: $30

Get trained in the most valuable strategies and tools to create profound and lasting change in your life and the lives of your family. In this 3-hour training you will learn how to erase and replace worn out subconscious beliefs, thoughts, and limitations. Uncover your authentic self, your true self. Until you start asking the question why you will never find the answer. Change your brain, change your life. You are infinite love that has lost its way… Prepare yourself for greatness.