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Presented by Robert W. Connolly, Producer/Director, Tesla’s Medicine: Healing Fields.

While most people associate the name of Tesla to the electric car, few people realize that in Tesla gave birth to a world where electrical energy was used as medicine. This energy consisting of sound, light and electromagnetic fields was extremely popular and eventually suppressed in favor of pharmaceuticals. In this interactive workshop you will learn how Tesla utilized electric energy to treat himself and then patented the technology that is now just being accepted into our Canadian healthcare system.  Products will be on display for live demonstrations and then profiled using interactive video clips from Robert Connolly’s feature documentary film - Tesla’s Medicine: Healing Fields . Booth 900

TESLAMANIA: Tesla’s Medicine: Healing Fields ($20 Workshop)
Saturday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM, 206

This evenings show is hosted by Robert (Bob) Connolly, an investigative digital journalist and
documentary film producer specializing in past, present and future healthcare technologies. For more
additional show information visit   or to learn more about his upcoming documentary
film on Tesla visit

Featuring talks with:
Dr. Magda Havas, PhD
Dr. Havas is an expert in the biological effects of magnetic fields and environmental contaminants. In this
workshop she will provide insight on how Tesla utilized ultraviolet light filtered through quartz crystal to
treat food, air, water and his body to maintain optimal health. Learn about how his invention – The High
Frequency Apparatus - led to the development of the Violet Ray that was mentioned over 800 times in the
readings of Edgar Cayce. Dr. Havas will demonstrate how Ultraviolet light is used today to treat a wide
variety of illness and promote wellbeing.
August Worley
August Worley was a technician for ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) and led several engineering teams at
Moog Music to produce frequency generators capable of producing analogue sound waves.  While at
Moog, August invented an experimental device called Pyradym, an electronic instrument that emulates the
tone and piezoelectric properties of quartz crystal singing bowls.
In this lecture August will explain the nuances and health effects between analogue and digital wave shapes
and how sound and magnetic fields affect the water within the cells of the human body. Learn the true
history of 432 Hz tuning.
Anadi Martel,
Andy Martel is a published author and inventor of machines that produce synchronized modulated light and
acoustic vibrations. In this lecture you will learn how chairs and mats equipped with transducers can
resonate the human body at specific vibrational frequencies to promote healing and relaxation.  Learn how
to purchase safe lighting for your home that promotes wellness.