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Mas Sajady (Minneapolis, MN)

Mas Sajady is using what can be described as highly advanced human abilities to help drastically transform lives and pioneer the boundaries of human potential. A successful computer programmer, business owner and father of six, Mas’s abilities developed after surviving two near death experiences. His abilities allow him to help people break through their limitations at the deepest core level in order to achieve high performance mastery. Mas has helped people throughout the world to receive fast and tangible results.  Booth 326

“We are on the threshold of a new medical and global paradigm. In the language used by Mas both orally and in written form, he conveys the frequencies, which can be processed by the right hemisphere of the brain…to impact the neurological connection and the DNA structure” stated Dr. Octavio Pino, BA, MA, DCT, MD, ScD  neurolinguist, neurologist.

Emotional Detox & Physical Purification
Saturday 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM, 203

Our minds and bodies are the miraculous means through which we carry out our physical expression on earth. They are the density our spirits have created so that we may feel, see and integrate all that we experience in human form. In this powerfully transformative event, join Mas Sajady as he works on our spiritual blueprint to help purify any distortions at our core frequency level. As we experience emotional recalibration and physical purification, we effortlessly attract and sustain health, vitality, joy and fulfillment. By regular practicing of this revitalizing Medihealing, you may experience: cleansing of harmful toxins that cloud our minds and bodies, leading to dullness, fatigue, inflammation and disease.