Metro Toronto Convention Centre

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Dr. Javier Vazquez, MD (San Diego, California)

Dr. Javier Vazquez has been with BioCare Hospital and Wellness Center for 27 years. He has been interested in natural approaches to healing and complemented his excellent medical curriculum with studies in the integrative management of disease with natural modalities. He is constantly gathering information on new methods available or being explored around the world. At the present time is one of the senior physicians at BioCare Hospital. BioCare Hospital is the home of many breakthrough therapies that were researched and developed to safe and effective levels never archived before. Helping the patient heal him/herself is the goal of the treatments that are offered at BioCare Hospital, not treating a disease per se.  Booth 502.

Complementary Interventions for Cancer and Degenerative Diseases
Saturday 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, 203

Dr. Vazquez will discuss the extraordinary capacity of the human body for self-healing: * how a full array of modalities based on clean living, detoxification, intelligent nutrition, and the aid of non-invasive, regenerative protocols can arrest critical conditions, restore functions, and regenerate damaged cells and functions; * how micro-biome optimization plays a vital role in health recovery. Special focus is centered on the importance of lessening inflammation, the common ground for the present epidemics of chronic degenerative disease and the culprit in the failure of cancer therapy.